Learn Swiptar

In terms of brain development, musical performance is every bit as important educationally as reading or writing
Oliver Sacks

The Swiptar allows you to learn & practice guitar fundamentals with a web guitar. It works on any phone or PC browser.

1. Watch the short video to learn how to play Happy Birthday. No more acapellas for your next birthday celebration.

If you have never played a guitar before, you must learn the following first

  • Chord Progression - learn and practice chord changes
  • Key - learn and practice singing at the right key

The practices provide feedback to help you get your chord changes and key right quickly.

2. Play Swiptar

3. Choose song to obtain Chords, Lyrics, Key, Strum Pattern and Tempo (BPM) information


To find your favorites, search the internet by song title + chords

Four Chords songs

Play 15 songs with only 4 chords and 2 strum patterns

It is amazing how many popular songs use the same four chords