About Swiptar

I will sing and make music
Psalm 57:7

In the traditional guitar class, learners have to get key, chords fingering, strumming, rhythm and tempo correct at the same time to play songs. And the simple songs taught are usually not those that are meaningful to the learner. So many things to get right so it does take some time before the learner enjoys playing music. Therefore it is not surprising when learners give up.

With the Swiptar, the learner just needs to get the key and the chord changes right. Now everyone not only can sing but can make music too. When the learner plays the Swiptar, he/she also learns practically that many songs can be played with only 4 chords.

And subsequently if the learner chose to learn just 4 chords and basic strumming on a guitar, the learner progresses to playing many songs on the real guitar.