Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the FAQ first. If your question is not here or you request for new features, then email - Thanks.

There is no sound on my iPhone.

If the iPhone is in silent mode (mute button is down), the app which uses the Web Audio Api is also muted.

I cannot find the strum pattern I want.

You can add your own strum patterns.

In landscape mode, the buttons are not accessible

On your mobile devices, save to Home Screen. When you start in this way, the app will lock the screen to Portrait mode. This works on Android phones. The feature is not implemented on iPhones yet. You can set your phone to not rotate.

Does the app works on PCs?

Yes it is browser based. So it works on iPhones, tablets, Android phones, Macs, Windows and Chromebooks. Even Raspberry Pis. For computers, you will use the keyboard to play.