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Chord Progression

A chord chart is a music notation that displays the chords with the lyrics of a song. Chord progression is the order chords are played in a song. Select your song and click the START button to play it.

Demo mode
  1. Observe the chord changes.
  2. Note the relationship between the lyrics (melody) and the chord changes.
Practice mode
  1. Before a chord change occurs, the chord background changes from red to green. Click when the chord fully turns green to change the chord at the right beat.
  2. The error counter increments at every beat when the chord you play is different from the actual chord progression. Try to keep the Chord Error count to 0.
Sing mode
  1. Only the first few notes of the the melody is played. This allows you to practice singing along to your strumming.

Finally the Swiptar allows you to play any song that has lyrics & chords. There are many such songs on the internet or in song books.